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This is a thread to discuss the Fear Project writing competition. It is open to the public, but is mostly intended to be for the use of the competitors in the Project.

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Good Morning All!  How are all of us??? I'm a little tired.  Took a while to get a 100x100 pixel pic - but my husband and I managed.  Social media is new to me this last month or so.  I can see where it is a fabulous place to meet new friends and get out important messages.  I can also see that if one isn't careful, things could get wonky.  But I'm learning. Looking forward to the trip each of us will be taking shortly.  No matter what happens, it will be a grand adventure!

Catherine Bader

Hey, Catherine! I feel your social media strain, I'm trying to finally master the art of Twitter (@kittenlace, if anyone has the urge to live Tweet during our upcoming adventure!) and I constantly feel like I'm "doing it wrong".

Then I remember that it's Twitter, and psychoanalyzing my usage might actually be worse than using it improperly.

Anyhow, I'm checking in from the Midwest, enjoying my Ohio winter. I own and operate a tattoo studio with my fiancee, we have four beautiful heathen children, a strange medley of animals, and I have fantastic taste in shoes. I think those are my defining characteristics. Looking forward to February and meeting everyone!

Hello everyone! I'm from the Hudson Valley, New York.

The anticipation for the Fear Project to begin is building up! I want to start by congratulating the other contestants and wishing everyone good luck! I think the way many of us are communicating and connecting online is awesome, and it shows that this competition is going to be an amazing experience for us all. I look forward to reading everyone's entries when they're posted to the site on the 1st.

So I'm KT Jayne. Your Asperger's princess of sharp wit and sharper tongue. I live in the wilds of Indiana with my husband and son. I'm curious to share author pages on FB if you have them. I"m KT Jayne and autiezombiegirl on twitter. I'm needlepoint in my fingers to the bone until this starts! What are you doing to ward off 5he excitement and anxiety?

Hello my new friends, I hope this comment finds you all well and in good spirits. i am so looking forward to reading your entries that earned a spot in the lucky 13. I hail from Tucson Az and I'd like to congratulate you all in making it into the Fear Project! Good luck and my hope is that we will all remain friends well after the end of the competition. Thank you David for hosting such an amazing idea in writing and for choosing this elite group for your coveted project. Hope to hear from you all and thank you Lee Forman and Katey Jayne for your friend request. you are all awesome and can't wait to see what we all come up with.

                                                   ~Roy Olvera

Hey Roy! I lived in Tucon for a couple of years when my ex was stationed at Davis-Monthan. Love Tucson!
Nice! I love it here too! Being home grown, I often think of other places to live, but feel guilty for even thinking about it! Lol!

Hey folks. I'm excited and anxious about the journey we're all about to undertake, but I'm happy we're all in this together. I know that we'd all like to win, but I think we have the opportunity to make this into something bigger than a grand prize. Like our kind host, Mr. Wellington, mentioned this could be beneficial to everyone involved. By working together I think we can accomplish a lot to publicize the contest, ourselves and our benefactor at the same time. Would anyone be willing to coordinate publicity on this site? We could contact various FB horror/fiction groups that we belong to, along with reminding folks like Jonathan Maberry and Christopher Golden that the contest is actually beginning in an effort to get some attention and traffic. Additionally, we could share the duties of contacting prominent horror websites and see if they'd be willing to run articles about the Fear Project as it progresses. Let's use these shot to get our work seen by as many fine folks as possible, after the tens of thousands of hours of solitary work we've invested we should embrace the chance to share our dark dreams with the public and each other. In that we will all win. All the best, Joe Sherry

Eric Beebe posted about it on the Post Mortem Press FB page as did Pat Scialsi on his. I have also talked with a few other blogger friends and asked them to post things. Most of my friends reposted the website for me. I'm working with a few people to see if they will maybe interview some of us. So I think it's a great idea!
I agree Mr. Sherry, that would make Mr. Wellington's project all the more special. I'm in!

Sincerely, Roy Olvera.

I'm in as well. I've already e-mailed some magazines I've been published in and posted about it all over the internet. I've been trying to come up with new ideas on how to spread the word and get the competition more attention. I thought about even contacting my local newspaper to see if they would be interested in running a story on the Fear Project. It's a long shot but it can't hurt to try. I also plan to put up a flier at my local library.

Hi KT Jayne. We should share Facebook pages and the like. I'll post a link to my website. You can connect to my Facebook, Twitter, and all that from there.


I'm at KTJayne on FB. My twitter is autiezombiegirl and my blog is https://autiezombiegirl.wordpress.com




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