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This is a thread to discuss the Fear Project writing competition. It is open to the public, but is mostly intended to be for the use of the competitors in the Project.

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I listen to Pandora - have a special station - 16 horsepower radio....  groups like 16 Horsepower, Iron & Wine, Seabear, Horse Feathers, Redbird, Murder by Death.  I also switch sometimes to my Otis Taylor Radio - with music similar to his. It's eerie, weird and different - nice creepy background music.  I tried using my favorites in music but found all I wanted to do was dance and sing - therefore interrupting some of my unique and fabulous writing ideas (ha!).  Curious myself - what tracks for our other friends here?

What are you under in facebook? Can't seem to find you!...... Catherine

Hey all - it took me too long to get here.

Since we all were doing our introductions - a lot of you already found me on Tweeter and a couple on Facebook - My name's James Hatton, creator of a long running webcomic In His Likeness, and I have a lil podcast too called the SomethingSomethingCast.  I live in NJ with my wife and 2 cats (Akuma & Uatu).

So I think Laura asked our writing soundtracks.  For me, it's usually episodes of Mystery Science Theater that the minute I find focus, the noise annoys me and I hit pause on it until there is a lull in brain.  If I am listening to music it is probably punk & ska or something with less words than music (Like Pendulum).  

I'm really looking forward to working with/against you all, and good luck!

To volley out a question for all of you - who is your current horror author? Doesn't have to be your fav. - just who are you reading a lot of.  I've been going through Joe Hill.  Highly recommended stuff.

Hi James, nice to meet you. I've read two of Joe Hill's books, Horns, and Heart-Shaped Box. I liked Horns the best. Going to see the movie when it comes out on dvd. I've recently been reading a lot of John Saul. He's been one of my favorite authors for a long time.

My favorites right now are Jonathan Maberry and Weston Ochse and John Hornor Jacobs.  They all have a series going on and I try to keep up.

Good to meet you James! Likewise on the sentiment of working with/against you as well. Jonathan Maberry is my favorite author and has been for some time. I'm not at all ashamed to say he dethroned Stephen King, a master of the craft no doubt, but I really dig the style of Jonathan Maberry. Joe Mckinney runs in the second spot, but King's The Dark Tower saga holds a special place in my soul.

Hi everyone. Quick introduction: I'm from Buffalo, I do a lot of nonfiction writing, and I'm super excited about this project. It's always awesome to meet and befriend other writers. I know we're all gunning for the prize, but I definitely feel like this is one of those, "the journey's just as important as the destination" kind of deals.

I'm in the "mostly instrumental" crowd when it comes to music. I've got a folder of film scores on my phone, so I put that on if I need some background noise. If I need to set a more aggressive mood, Alice in Chains' Dirt album does it for me, or a bunch of metal (Huntress, The Sword, Mastodon).

Current horror authors -- I've been reading J.F. Gonzalez (whom we sadly lost recently). His Screaming to Get Out antho is quite good. I'm also reading an anthology from Stone Skin Press called Letters to Lovecraft that's great so far.

Good to meet you Ed G. Looking forward to sharing the dead space, so to speak. :-)

What's everyone's favorite horror movie?

Mine is Dagon, directed by Stuart Gordon. I also love Re-Animator, by Stuart Gordon as well.

I'm here! I'm here really!  All right, I completely overlooked checking in here until just barely. My name is Travis Coleman, feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook as many of you have.  My Twitter handle is @TravColeman and I just setup a blog last night travcoleman.blogspot.com is the address.  

I'm currently living in Cache Valley Utah.  I have a wife, two children which are both adorable, and a variety of critters.  My wife has two rats, I refuse to claim them, then we have a cat who is a guard dog and a dog who is scared of black trash bags.  Though he does look like an Egyptian God so he has that going for him.  

Favorite writing soundtrack is Pink Floyd, Wax Fang, Coheed and Cambria, and other groups which suit the story/mood I'm going for.  

Then as far as favorite horror movie goes, the one that impressed me most recently was Insidious due to the environment he created.  But when I think Classic the movie that scarred me for life was... The Incredible Mr. Limpet... Don Knotts as a fish is just wrong...

I am so terrible at keeping up here! 

I'm having a really hard time deciding on a favorite horror movie. 

On a reading note, I'm partway through High Bloods, by John Farris, and that's pretty all right. Joe Hill's pretty high on my current list of swoon-inducing horror authors. On kind of a more fantasy level, I'm also digging Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim action pretty hard.

I watched Horns last night (it's on Netflix now!) and although it was kind of far from the book, as far as quirky indie-esque horror films go it was pretty watchable. 

Oh wow, I just finished the most recent Sandman Slim novel, The Getaway God, and enjoyed it as much as the others, more than some of them even. I have also enjoyed everything I've read so far by Joe Hill. I find his short fiction especially delightful. 




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