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This is a thread to discuss the Fear Project writing competition. It is open to the public, but is mostly intended to be for the use of the competitors in the Project.

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I wish I had the vacation time to burn so that I could sleep through the next 24 hours and skip to Friday.  Wouldn't that be nice?   

Also, Mr. Wellington, would you prefer we title our stories when we submit?  I just noticed that on the contest page that many of them are using the first few words of the story as titles.  

I was wondering the same thing about the titles. Some entries have titles, some don't. Maybe it's optional? I'd prefer to give them titles, although I didn't with my initial entry.

Hello everyone!

I currently reside in Florida and have for the past 15+ years. Currently working for the state here and reading and writing whenever I can. 

I kind of wish that something was being done with the nightmarish description that David was giving us.  If in the week we got killed off we got to write a 1k word farewell piece of how we died in the gory nightmare he had set forth.  That might just be me, but now that we've lost someone I feel like I want to witness his death scene.  That's half the fun of the horror movie.  

I like your idea Travis! I'm all for it if it can be worked out somehow.

I love this idea Travis! I am all in buddy!

Wow, that is a really great idea, especially given how much detail about the set-up is given (labyrinth, witch's riddle...I want to know more dangit!).




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