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Freddie Fuck Face replied to Freddie Fuck Face's discussion Thanks to the publisher for ruining everything...
"Hey David! Just finished reading Vampire Zero and obviously I read 99 Coffins (picked it up the day after I posted the original message). As pissed as I was about knowing Arkeley would turn I like the fact that you waited till the last few pages to…"
Mar 20, 2009
spazmo replied to Dave (the Author)'s discussion David Wellington, professional blogger
"Are you still blogging at AMC, Dave? Stacie Ponder does her thing there too, and when I saw your name in the sidebar, it was a very pleasant surprise. Two of my favorite horror writers in one place? These AMC people obviously have taste."
Mar 19, 2009
Painmethod replied to Craig's discussion Monster Island/Laura Caxton Video Game?
"I would love a full on zombie game, but more in league of what they did with Fall Out 3. Where your left to fend for yourself, scrounging for ammo and cans of food. Left to your own devices. Maybe make it open world, or a linear path of scenerios,…"
Mar 19, 2009
Profile Iconspazmo and Painmethod joined Hail Horrors
Mar 19, 2009
Painmethod replied to Ron Earl Phillips's discussion Dancing Jesus
"hmm, i tired to follow the link to your story , but it wants me to become a member. Guess I don't have the patience. Maybe you could send another link, or just print it up somewhere. let me know..."
Mar 19, 2009
cracks replied to Osiris's discussion Twilight
"i dont think this is our typ of vampire book or movie lol"
Mar 19, 2009
RedSoxTodd replied to michael's discussion horror movies
"I would have to say some of my favorites are the 80's slasher movies. I think they just take me back to my days in high school, standing in long lines on opening night, paying a buck and a half to get in and getting the crap scared out of me.…"
Mar 19, 2009
jmeg replied to michael's discussion horror movies
"Halloween - original of course The Thing - spider-legged human head Dog Soldiers - best werewolf movie ever The Devil's Backbone - del Torro's best Evil Dead - what's not to love?"
Mar 19, 2009
Painmethod replied to Adrian's discussion Doomsday
"Wow, saying it could have been better is an understatment. The concept was great, but just horribly executed. There were some things in the movie that need to be addressed and I'll try not to spoil much of it.So here we go..... The thing with…"
Mar 18, 2009
Painmethod replied to Osiris's discussion Twilight
"Well, I watched this movie about halfway through and couldn't take much more of it. My girl friend on the other hand is enthralled with it. It is definatly geared towards a more romance style of movie. There are a large series of plot holes in…"
Mar 18, 2009
Painmethod replied to michael's discussion horror movies
"Geez, where to begin? 1.Carpenter's, "The Thing" Well, it's got everything horror, and the paranoia mystery is excellent. 2.C.H.U.D., hmm, flesheating mutant monsters eat New York citizens 3.Event Horizon , Hell in space 4.Day…"
Mar 18, 2009
Painmethod replied to michael's discussion the last house on the left (remake)
"I don't know, I always feal cheated when something is a remake. Like they didn't have any original thought, and decided to invest money into something that was allready done befor. Why don't they ever make sequels to older…"
Mar 18, 2009



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